Garry is an experienced and engaging public speaker having spoken at national and international events. 

Keynote topics

Performing under pressure
An ability to perform under pressure is a critical skill across multiple disciplines.

This presentation provides an analysis of the key factors that enable world class opera singers to manage stage-fright and anxiety in order to sustain high performance.

Recommendations are then made on how these factors may be applicable to executives and executive coaches in the business world.

Themes include:

  • The importance of high performance and high wellbeing in sustaining careers
  • Acknowledging and addressing the isolation and loneliness of many executive roles
  • Helping executives to take action to regain a sense of control and agency
  • Identifying effective routines and rituals that enhance performance
  • Building self-reliance, rather than dependency
  • Informed by an article by Loehrand and Schwartz, how do we manage our energy, rather than our time?
  • Compare the practices and rituals used by elite athletes to balance work/life
  • It is the balance of periods of stress and periods of recovery that allow peak performance
  • Explore Self-Regulation and understanding our triggers
  • Introduce Lencioni’s 5 levels of Trust, Conflict, Commitment, Accountability, Results
  • Maister Trust Equation
  • Creating new team routines and rituals
  • The 3 Psychological Needs of Motivation – Competence, Autonomy and Relatedness, Deci and Ryan
  • Positive Psychology Principles – The importance of gratitude and appreciation
  • Use of Empathy and Sharing to encourage honesty and openness
  • Responding to and supporting employees in moments of high emotion
  • The Venting Model
  • Indicators when employees need greater levels of support
  • Exploring the G.R.O.W model
  • Quality Questioning and Listening Skills
  • The Zone of Proximal Development – how we learn
  • Planning, structuring and requesting feedback
  • Understanding the strengths you enjoy using
  • Job crafting – creating the job you want from the job you have
  • Planning and structuring your approach to creating meaningful networks
  • Being memorable
  • Being disciplined in self-care – sleep, diet, exercise, socialising
  • The power of reflection time
  • Maintaining and developing hobbies and interests
  • Finding pockets of joy – creating moments to remember in the every day


Image Credits: Main Image Photo by Terren Hurst on Unsplash