Garry has consistently provoked me to consider new ideas, which he introduces by sharing stories or explaining models based on empirical research. His knowledge and optimism combine to leave me feeling encouraged and motivated to act on what I've learnt.

Dave Tupper, CIO Group Functions, Lendlease

I have found our pair coaching sessions with Garry to be thought provoking, insightful and dynamic. Our senior leadership team have gained a better understanding of each other and how we can work even more effectively together to contribute to the ongoing success of our business.

Tim Turpin, Head of Development, Legacy Property

Our Leadership Team were highly engaged with Garry’s natural flair for storytelling and his engaging personality from the beginning through to the end, and we have firmly embedded our new learnings with our Leaders and teams.

Sophie Parashos, HR Business Partner, Sentis

Garry is both an outstanding coach as well as an exceptional mentor. He has an abundance of valuable insights and deep background knowledge on offer that he presents in an easy, memorable and compelling way.

Saiful Chowdhury, Program Manager, Lendlease Services​

The unique edge Garry brings is his ability and willingness ‘to go there’ - to that place in a session that most avoid - a place where people feel simultaneously supported and challenged.

Simon McIntyre, Learning and Development, TAL

Garry has an engaging and entertaining style whilst bringing a depth, richness and versatility to his facilitation and coaching approaches.

Andrew Warren-Smith, Managing Director, Development Dimensions International

I have worked with Garry over the years and trusted him as a facilitator, coach, advisor and sounding board for leadership programs, team coaching and interventions when teams have lost their way

Jenny O’Farrell, Head of Learning and Development at Disability Services Australia

My sessions with Garry have transformed me into a more balanced person both at work and at home and have helped me think and act differently on those decisions that can make a real difference in my life both professionally and personally.

Martin Dargan, MRD AG

I had reached a key juncture in my career as a leader, and Garry helped me improve my ability to speak with confidence, empower my team and to approach critical conversations in a meaningful and constructive way.

Bradley Crump, National Manager, Mission Australia ​

Garry played a vital role in bringing our team together and creating (and later reinforcing) a constructive and sustainable culture that lasted well beyond expectations.

Duncan Pittard, General Manager Member Experience, Law Institute of Victoria​

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