Programs can be customised according to client needs and workshop topics include:

Maintaining and Enhancing high performing teams remotely and face to face

  • Introduce Lencioni’s 5 levels of Trust, Conflict, Commitment, Accountability, Results
  • Maister Trust Equation
  • Creating new team routines and rituals

Motivating and engaging self and team members working remotely

  • The 3 Psychological Needs of Motivation – Competence, Autonomy and Relatedness
  • Positive Psychology Principles – The importance of gratitude and appreciation

Supporting employees emotionally during difficult times

  • Use of Empathy and Sharing to encourage honesty and openness
  • Responding and supporting employees in moments of high emotion
  • The Venting Model
  • Indicators when employees need greater levels of support

Creating Engaging Virtual Team Meetings

  • Using the GROW model to structure team problem solving
  • Involving the team in solution creation
  • Finding new and interesting ways to structure meetings

Coaching for High Performance Remotely

  • Exploring the GROW model
  • Quality Questioning and Listening Skills
  • The Zone of Proximal Development – how we learn
  • Planning, structuring and requesting feedback

Giving and Receiving Meaningful Feedback

  • Planning, structuring and requesting feedback
  • Courage vs Consideration when providing feedback
  • The importance of gratitude and sharing feedback with others

Career Development Skills

  • Understanding the strengths you enjoy using
  • Job crafting – creating the job you want from the job you have
  • Planning and structuring your approach to creating meaningful networks
  • Being memorable

Promoting health and wellbeing for self and others Working From Home

  • Being disciplined in self care – sleep, diet, exercise, socialising
  • The power of reflection time
  • Maintaining and developing hobbies and interests
  • Finding pockets of joy – creating moments to remember in the every day
Image Credits: Main Image Photo by Benjamin Davies on Unsplash